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Machine learning or artificial intelligence (whatever you call it) will be the central disrupting technology of the next ten years. The field is also moving at a breakneck pace. What was state of the art in 2018 is a dinosaur today. Every week there is a new exciting paper, software library, or tool.

Over the last decade, I have written ~1000 tutorials on machine learning and data science, authored a book on Python machine learning, and other things.

Recently I have been asking myself: if I was going to learn machine learning all over again in 2023+, how would I want to do it?

This newsletter is the answer to that question - a drip marketing campaign for learning machine learning. Every week, you receive an email with a readable, well-researched explanation of some machine learning concept, tool, or method. Over time, that drip, drip, drip of explanations builds up your foundation of machine learning knowledge.

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Present: Director of Machine Learning. Past: Three times Director of Data Science